The ICO is ON!

Let the games begin!

We would like to inform everybody that today have started Iconic’s ICO.

We are nervous, but, to tell you the truth, not as much as before. We have been much more alone in this little wars against Time. Now, there’s a lot of people around here doing their jobs and a new partners ( There are confluent forces and you people are one or more of them.

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NIC is safe

Iconic’s token is NOT subject to the massive vulnerability that hit various tokens and contracts

As recently published, it was found a very serious vulnerability on several token smart contracts that allowed an attacker to move large quantity of funds to any account without having any right to this funds previously. The bug was found and documented here.

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Born n’ raising

In a few days we will be opening the doors for you to enter our Initial Coin Offering. We’re creating new coins, new money, new currencies. Can you see how futuristic that is? Can you see where we are? You and Iconic are creating, protecting, evolving virtual markets, getting currencies to be born with no countries, no governments behind it. This, my friend, is awesome.

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A little background on our just deployed token, its design and some other stories

Due to the large availability of source codes of ERC20 tokens, launching and branding a new coin is something very easy these days: you set the name, the symbol and the total supply and you’re ready to go!

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New partnership makes Iconic’s plans bigger and guarantees ecosystem’s creation.

Well, this is not awkward.

We have some good news and some better news. Do you have the time?

The Iconic ecosystem hasn’t even got really started yet — we just went through a successful Pre-ICO — and, even before being born, before opening our Initial Coin Offering, we’ve finalized an essential partnership: FDD Negócios Digitais S/A.

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How to Detect Scams in ICOs

5 tips to avoid losing money when getting into token offerings

People often confuse attributes of objects with attributes of people who use those objects.

For example: although you can harm someone with a knife, it can’t be considered, per se, as something good or bad in the ethical sense. The same knife that can be used to harm people and animals can also be used to cut a fruit or to perform a surgical intervention to help save someone’s life.

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